Dr Minh and Austin
Dr. Minh Duong-van
Founder and President of Network Physics, Inc.
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Metavana, Inc.

In 1999, Dr. Minh founded Network Physics with $4 m seed funding and Network Physics was acquired in 2008 after securing and additional funding of $39 m.The company was built on the understanding of the physics of networks infrastructure with non-linear interactions with the network protocols.Ten colleagues from Stanford University who have joined him, together with four Nobel Laureates, to established a company of over 125 employees worldwide.

In 2005, he founded Search Physics a search company with private funding and eventually funded three years later when Search Physics became drminh.com.drminh.com uses the principle of physics applied to languages.Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel Laureate who discovered SU(3) symmetry group which predicts the existence of QUARKS joined drminh.com in 2010. Dr. Gell-Mann is also a world leader in semantics and the origin of languages. He founded the concept and theory of Computational Linguistics which is now widely used in search and information retrieval among Analytics business.

Dr. Minh, one of the founders of Chaos Theory graduated from Cornell University in Quantum Field Physics, joined Stanford University in 1973. He has also worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in non classified and classified fields.
In 1987 he organized "The Physics of Chaos and System far from Equilibrium" where he was the author of the North-Holland, Nuclear Physics book on the subject.

Internationally he has lectured widely , Oxford University, England, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Russia.

His book on "The Physics of Chaos", to be published, is widely used for teaching at various universities.

Dr. Minh held patents on Implantable Heart Defibrillators (assigned to Ventritex, Saint Jude) , Internet control (Network Physics).

Introduction to Poincare Conjecture Solution and Non-Linear Diffusion of Matter

Dr. Minh Duong-van
Founder and Chief Science Officer

email: minhsp3@yahoo.com
t: (650) 995 4007
f: (858) 586 1175